Graduation is a ceremony that takes place at many school institutions. It is to honor those that have worked hard to achieve a particular goal. Graduation from high school is often considered to be a milestone for many individuals. It marks the end of their regular school adventures. For some it is just the beginning of college life and for others they will choose another direction.

Graduation ceremonies can often be found for preschoolers as they move forward to regular school. Many schools also hold a small graduation ceremony for those that are moving from the junior high grade levels onto high school. The requirements for graduation are different for each institution based on their programs.

Colleges also have graduation ceremonies and they are often more elaborate than those for other levels. It depends on the style and size of the university. Many of them offer several programs and you will find a diverse age group of people celebrating their achievements.

There is a great deal of talking that takes place at a graduation ceremony. The top graduate of the class is the Valedictorian and has to give a motivational speech to the rest of the class. It is traditional for graduates to wear a cap and gown of the school colors for the event. Each graduate will have their name called and walk across the stage to receive their diploma.

Graduation is a time to share your achievements with family and friends. Due to the amount of limited space some graduations give out tickets to the students. Those that want to see the ceremony must have a ticket to get in. others are open door and anyone can attend. It can be hard to choose who can attend and who will just congratulate you after the event takes place.

Most graduates will send out announcements to tell other people about what will be taking place. An announcement is not an invitation to the ceremony though so if you want them to attend please include a personal note. If you are having a dinner or a party after the event that you want them to attend include that information as well. You can order personalized graduation invitations that have all of this information in them as well.