Airco Installation In Ninove is Providing air conditioning solutions to customers, architects, general contractors and other HVAC contractors.

Room Air Conditioner (Ductless Wall Mount Mini Splits)

Mission of

To provide quality, quiet, sleek, eco-friendly air conditioning systems at an affordable price to cool or heat any room for year round comfort. Company Overview – Clim Avert is part of the Becerril Group, which is a third generation family owned international company with investments in a variety of green consumer goods.

After installing thousands of Ductless mini split systems from other brands, we were frustrated with the deficiencies that were causing warranty issues for our customers.

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Airco Installation In Ninove invested in the production and manufacturing of its own line of ductless mini splits by re-engineering existing platforms to reinforce many of the parts that were causing problems with these other brands. is committed to providing an alternative to window units, (which is the most energy consuming and a noisy type of hvac), a solution for Cooling and Heating any room in the home or office without having to waste valuable resources in cooling/heating the entire home, a viable choice when remodeling, building room additions and adding HVAC to spaces that cannot fit air ducts.

Our systems are ideal when pricing of a traditional HVAC system cannot be afforded. Manufacture, distribution, sales, installation of eco-friendly air conditioning products, commercial, residential, retail, specialty applications. All types of air conditioning solutions for your needs. We are a great alternative to replace window units and portable air conditioners for all of you, from all of us at Clim Avert – Thank you for your trust. Clim Avert TeamComfort Engineers Airco Installateur in Ninove

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