Yokohama A048 Tires – OE Tires For The Lotus Exige

The recurring alliance in between Lotus as well as Yokohama Tires continues as the Lotus opted to possess Yokohama ADVAN A048 tires for the quality Lotus Exige.
Yokohama tires are actually the official tires on the Lotus Elise. The Lotus Exige is actually syntheticed particularly for the racetrack, where optimum grip and urgent guiding reaction are exceptionally essential. Therefore, Lotus has picked Yokohama’s ultra-high-performance ADVAN A048s as the tires of option for the light in weight Lotus Exige.

“We’re pleased to become functioning once again with Lotus and thrilled they picked Yokohama as OE on the Exige,” stated Jeff Builder, Yokohama manager. “The ADVAN A048 is actually created exclusively for the Exige’s racetrack-like performance. It’s a super lightweight cars that has 190 horse power and may go 150 miles every hour. The ADVAN A048 is actually the perfect tire for the auto‘s outstanding managing and also response and also emphasizes the very best in the Exige, which has its very own auto racing set in the UK. “

Aside from being actually the OE tires for the Lotus Exige, Yokohama Tires’ crown jewel ADVAN line is actually right now authentic tools on many other world’s fastest as well as very most respected cars, such as the Bentley Continental GT, Bentley’s Continental Flying Spur, the Lotus Elise, 2006 Porsche 911 Carrera 4, and also Lexus GS300 as well as GS430.

The ADVAN A048 is Yokohama’s Street-Legal Competition tire syntheticed for the drivers from autos racing in autocross competitors, keep track of institutions, splashing times and circuit-type club auto racing. The Yokohama A048 was actually developed off Yokohama competing modern technology for an assortment from automobiles that include the 18-inch edge size fitments utilized on the Porsche 911, Porsche 911 Super, Porsche Boxster and also others.

On the outside, the ADVAN A048 mold and mildews a race-ready compound that gives completely dry grip over a wide variety of temperature levels into a 6/32-inch deeper, “singular block” step style that enhances tread hardness and features a broad facility area that keeps in continual exposure to the track to enhance cornering stability, on-center sense and steering feedback. As the tire’s external shoulder tread uses from tough cornering, the Yokohama A048’s arrow walk concept and symmetrical inner development allows worn tires to become remounted “inside-out” on their wheels to help prolong the life from the Yokohama A048 tires. Our team recommend cutting ADVAN A048 tires to in between 3/32″ to 4/32″ from walk depth for affordable roadway racing.

Yokohama Tire Company is the N. United States manufacturing and also advertising and marketing branch from Tokyo, Japan-based Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd., an international manufacturer and also representative from superior tires given that 1917. Yokohama Tires companies over 4,500 aspects from sale in the United States, Yokohama Tire Organization supplies a complete series of tires, including high-performance, lightweight vehicle, passenger car, office truck as well as bus, in addition to off-the-road exploration as well as construction treatments.

On the within, the ADVAN A048 is constructed from twin steel districts that strengthened along with spirally covered nylon material limit plies as well as district side strips. The district bundle is put on leading of a rounded casing style that allows the tire to predictably manage shifts from straight-line travel to higher g-force cornering and also back.